Read testimonials from coaching clients who have turned their children’s behavior around and more importantly, strengthened their relationships!

“Hi Tina, I miss you!  But you are never far from our thoughts,  I am experiencing so much success managing Christopher’s behavior.  I feel like I know him so well now that you have pointed out MAJOR things that I would never have known.

I am growing so much as a person –  to see his relief and comfort from my reaching out to him and expressing how I think he’s feeling is amazing. So fun to witness in a small child!

Also, I wanted to tell you was the other great great thing that you taught us is that there are so many things that the kids ask to do that are okay.”

-Caroline S.

“My husband and I have struggled for several years to help our daughter in every way possible deal with her anxiety, coming at it from all angles with providers for her.  The angle we were missing is the provider we found for us – the parents.  Tina has been incredibly insightful and powerfully helpful with her years of coaching, experience and wisdom.  Her parenting advice netted immediate results and has helped shift our family’s culture to a more positive and happy one.  We are so thankful for her help and feel confident knowing we can consult her any time we have questions or situations that need her insight.  Thank you Tina!!!”   Amy L.



“My experience thus far with Tina Feigal’s parent coaching has been eye-opening, to say the least. Over the years I have read many books on challenging children, trauma, parenting, etc. I have attended several trainings with well-known speaker Heather Forbes’ Beyond Consequences, Logic, Self-Control, as well as trauma informed care.

But none of those trainings brought the practical application of these principles as well as one-on-one coaching does! We have been able to implement a number of Tina’s suggestions already, some with more success than others, and we are actually seeing positive results!! I am very grateful for the opportunity to benefit from this program and look forward to learning more.”

Lauri T.


“Hi Tina,
I wanted to share some great news with you.  Last summer, you worked with my husband, Matt and me on our son, Alex. Your coaching made a world of difference for our entire family.  Best of all, Alex had a fabulous first year of school last year. He started 1stgrade two weeks ago and the very first week of class he was nominated (out of 28 kids) as the best leader and most enthusiastic in class.  A year and a half ago, we never would have expected him to get this award.   
I told (my friend who referred us to you) that you would be very proud of us as parents and how far our boys have come.
Thank you again for making such a difference in our lives!!
Kind regards”,


Hi Tina:

I am a Mom to 2 boys with “ADHD”, and it is amazing what can be done for them by changing our thinking… I have learned to be thankful for the challenges we have faced with our two boys, and for the journey of personal development which continues to show me so many wonderful things.  I finally got the concept about not putting energy into any “problem behavior”, and this is changing our lives. Probably the biggest change we have made is not “labeling” our boys … This has opened up a whole new life for us, and we now focus on their many wonderful capabilities- building on those one step at a time. This development now feels as though little miracles continue to happen for us, and we are extremely thankful for the continuing progress that we experience with our boys. I now hope to inspire other parents of “special kids” in their search to find harmony in their lives. Your affirmations are very inspiring for not only my own family, but hopefully in helping others here in Denmark as well.

Once again, thank you for your insight!

-Anne Atkinson
Personal and Relationship Coaching
Vejle, Denmark

I had heard about Tina Feigal’s book The Pocket Coach for Parents from a friend. Much of what I read really struck a chord with me. Still, I found myself really struggling with my intense 4-year-old.  While I really wanted help, I wasn’t sure how much more I could learn from someone whose book I’d already read.

Skyping with Tina is the best investment I have ever made. Though we’d never met in person, by the middle of our first Skype session, it felt like we had known each other for years. Our sessions gave my husband and me a shared platform with which to work together on parenting. Working with Tina has actually brought us together as partners in parenting.  It was so encouraging to receive immediate feedback that not only helped us better understand our son’s behavior but that offered very specific suggestions for how to respond to these challenging situations. I cannot say enough about how invaluable those four parent coaching sessions were for me.I am a much more confident parent … and am more understanding of my son’s intense temperament and what makes him “tick.” My son will always be an intense person, but we now know how to live without all the screaming, anger, and emotional upheaval that have for so long ruled our days.
-Molly (Minneapolis)


I have listened to the CD three times now.  The profound insight is the fact that indeed, we are changing the chemistry in our child’s brain with the success mentoring strategy.  I will say that since I have met you our lives at home have changed dramatically for the better.
-Caroline (St. Paul)
Tina, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about a fun experience I had with my daughter.  We were traveling together and she tends to be very slow using the bathroom.  On one particular occasion she wasn’t as slow as usual, so I made a “When you … I feel … because …” statement to her.  My daughter, beaming and grinning ear to ear, excitedly answered, “Well, you’re going to get a lot more of that then!”  I haven’t had to ask her to hurry in the bathroom since.  It really does work!
-Amy (Minnesota)
You are amazing!  I want you to know how much I value the work that you do.  Your perspective sings to my heart!We are all doing well at our home despite the divorce transition.  Alicia is blossoming into a pleasant, thoughtful, wise and successful young woman. I will be forever grateful for your help and loving compassionate work. Thank you!
It was wonderful to hear about your approach and I have already mentioned it to some parents I know.

Thank you for infusing us with healing and with possibilities.

All the best,
Sandy Oppenheimer

I look at my son now with amazement. We tried so many things to help my son with his attention and behavior issues, including three different drugs. Nothing seemed to help. He had reactions to every drug they gave him. One time he didn’t eat or sleep for 2 days.  Out of desperation, I called the Center for the Challenging Child. It changed our lives just as Tina promised. Now I look at children on medication for ADHD and feel badly for them and their parents. [This] is so much more successful and has no side effects.
Brenda Daly
It was very informative and energizing to meet with you and (the parent of one of my students), to listen to someone who believes parents and teachers can “transform” a child who has a pattern we can see is leading to trouble, but we’re spending most of our time just working around him, not having a plan to really try to change him. I began reading the book today and telling the three assistants I work with about the basics, and hope to share lots more. I’ll be in touch.
An elmentary special education teacher
Hi Tina!
Thought I’d share some POSITIVE news with you!!! Yesterday, Blake’s school had a reptile man come in and demonstrate and talk about different reptiles … because of how interested Blake and 2 other boys in his class are about these animals.Blake did an awesome job listening and being polite through the whole time and at the end of the day, he asked if he could lead the good-bye prayer.  According to the teacher, he did a marvelous job praying!!!! Quite frankly, I was worried all day yesterday, because he did not go to bed until almost 10 pm Sunday evening.I did fill him with positives Monday a.m. and I really feel that works!!! I am so THANKFUL he had a good day!!Also, the teacher is not putting his name on the board any longer.  When he does misbehave, she tells him he will be having a time out.  Last week, there was an episode where he would be needing a timeout.   Well, the teacher totally forgot about it and when it came to ‘free time’, Blake went over to her and sat down by her and said he was there to do his timeout …  the teacher was amazed. 
 Darlene Siegle
I met Tina when she was presenting a workshop at the Children’s Mental Health conference. I received individual consultation from Tina as I learned to apply the techniques. I have found this approach to be extremely effective in my role as a parent, in my role as a school social worker, and in general, in any relationship I have with a child. Tina’s enthusiastic encouragement has inspired me to find creative ways to put this approach into action. Her gentle confrontation and use of stories as metaphors further enhanced my ability to learn and apply the techniques. She constantly reframed children’s behavior, guided me into a new perspective, and supported me in my efforts to expand my skills. Her unfailing belief in the inherent value and goodness in every child is contagious to parents and professionals.
-A parent and school social worker/coaching client
The past week and-a-half, Evan has make a major turn-around in school and (his teacher) Krista has really noticed it. What a milestone Evan has accomplished. We just wanted to send you a quick thank you for all of your help and to give you some good news on his progress. We will keep in touch. I think it is important for parents to get the “real life” view of [this] approach and the effectiveness in using a parent/teacher coach.
-A coaching client
I so wish you could have been here today. I tried some of the techniques you talked about last night on my little munchkins who have a hard time following directions. Thanks for your time last night. I was touched.
A kindergarten teacher who attended Tina’s presentation
I have found this approach to be extremely effective in my role as a parent, in my role as a school social worker, and…. in any relationship I have with a child. Tina’s enthusiastic encouragement has inspired me to find creative ways to put this approach into action … Her unfailing belief in the inherent value and goodness in every child is contagious to parents and professionals.
-Mary Fransen, coaching client
These testimonials are just a sampling of the letters we get every day, thanking us for the powerful transformations in our clients’ relationships with their children … you could be writing one, too, with parent coaching