The Pocket Teacher Coach for Early Childhood eBook

The Pocket Teahcer Coach for Early Childhood Downloadable e-book by
Tina Feigal, M.S., Ed.

“It’s time for us to clean up now!” Little Taylor has a complete meltdown in response to your directive.  He screams, throws toys across the room with the power of a cannon, fiercely tries to bite little Anna’s arm. Your heart sinks because you know you should figure out how to stop this, but you are at a loss.  You have been watching your classroom become a battleground, rife with tantrums, arguments, physical aggression, not listening, delay tactics, challenging transitions, school failure, and worse.  The language coming from the Taylor is too loud, too abusive, and just plain awful to hear.  You are exhausted from trying “every trick in the book” to get cooperation from him, and still the child behavior problems continue.  You are afraid that people look at you as if you are the failing as a teacher, which only adds gnawing guilt to the stress.

Parenting/Teacher Coach Tina Feigal understands that early childhood teachers need quick, easy-to-remember tips on dealing with child behavior problems. She knows that with a work and family busy life, there’s not a lot of time to read a long book and try to apply the techniques without steps to follow.  So she wrote The Pocket Teacher Coach: Your Two-Week Guide to a Dramatically Improved Life with Your Intense Student with your needs in mind. Tina realizes that if you have a two-week guide to follow, you can easily start and keep going until the child behavior problems are resolved.

The whole book is only 39 pages long!  And some of pages are charts, behavior slips to send home, and hints on the words to use to end child behavior problems.  After all, isn’t that what you’re looking for –  how to talk to your student in a way that gains his cooperation?  Wouldn’t you love to know that you can be an effective teacher without all the reminding, nagging, anger, and cynicism that doesn’t work, but just makes the situation worse?

If your student seems headed for a diagnosis of ADHD, attachment disorder, oppositional defiance disorder (ODD), giftedness, sensory integration disorder, or no diagnosis at all but is just hard to handle, don’t wait any longer.  Tina’s book brings relief for child behavior problems. You can learn some simple ways of turning your student around.

Understand your student’s behavior.  Learn what to do.  Get your teaching mojo back now.  Order here.

Price: $14.95

“The Pocket Coach for Parents” by Tina Feigal, is a parenting
resource that will help you get beyond the anger, the tears, and
the feelings of failure, to create a loving environment for everyone
in your home…without demanding that your intense child change
who he was destined to be.” – The Book Connection review