Center for the Challenging Child Grievance Policy

You have a right to a grievance process if you have a concern or complaint. Clients will have their concerns about services or denial of services addressed in a fair and reasonable manner without fear of reprisal according to the following procedure:

1. A client or a client’s family member will be expected to first address the concern with their parent coach.
2. If the concern is not resolved, the client has the right to request a team meeting with the agency.
3. If the concern is still unresolved, the client may put the concern in writing to the Executive Vice President. The EVP will schedule a special meeting, which may include members of the Anu Family Services/Center for the Challenging Child team and any additional persons identified by the client. The EVP will complete a summary of the grievances and forward a copy to the CEO.
4. Clients have a right to have all records of the grievance placed in writing in their files and copies will be sent to all involved parties.
5. Clients filing a grievance will receive timely written notification of the resolution.